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Lee & Young Orthodontics Reviews

Welcome to Lee, Young & Ubaldo Orthodontics, a respected provider in your orthodontic care community. Located in San Francisco, California, our practice's top priority is to provide you the highest quality orthodontic care in a friendly, comfortable environment. We utilize the latest technological advances in the industry, such as invisible ceramic braces and Invisalign, along with the latest in computer technology (digital imaging and advanced computer graphics) to ensure that you receive the most effective care possible.

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"good support, no misleading, love it"

Review Verified on 3/23/2021
"They let me and my sister in a little bit early and it wasn’t a long wait. Martin was talking to us while we waited for doctor Lee to come so that was nice."

Review Verified on 3/23/2021
"Nice office, friendly staff, I like Dr. Lee, looking forward to me new smile."

Review Verified on 8/12/2020
"Thanks for a great visit! I’m so excited to have my Invisalign attachments off. And thank you, Dr. Ubaldo, for adjusting my retainers!"

Review Verified on 7/23/2020
"In the world of Covid 19 there exist a world on the edge. Nice to know people like you people ... are around."

Review Verified on 6/26/2020
"Fast, clean and efficient service officer"

Review Verified on 6/24/2020
"I thought all of the doctors and the technicians were very freindly and answered any questions I had about my treatment. Dr. Young was very clear in his goals for my bite, teeth, and smile, etc. helping me understand what was achievable. Dr. Young and Dr. Ubaldo asked me about my personal like which I thought was an intimate touch. I would like to thank them for getting my teeth to look amazing."

Review Verified on 1/10/2020
"I usually visited the clement street office and I had a great experience. All the staff were supportive and understanding. Everyone is super nice and good at their job. Although I had a very long time with braces and was irritated by them, you all made it very clear to me what exactly was happening in my mouth and made me more understanding of the process. Overall it was a very good experience and I am glad to finally have my braces off"

Review Verified on 1/10/2020
"is pretty good, nice experience"

Review Verified on 12/12/2019
"We had an amazing journey with Dr Young on Clement. He was always encouraging, thorough, careful and took time to explain to Vivian and let her have a voice in her care. I think his empowerment of patients in their care is exceptional and is the reason why we chose to have Vivians orthodontic care here. Thank you for her beautiful smile! The staff were always friendly and courteous despite being very busy-we appreciate it!"

Review Verified on 12/3/2019
"Dr. Glen Young & his group is very professional and patience to us. Many thanks for all of your help !! Albert Lin"

Review Verified on 7/4/2019
"I was in and out quick, the nurse who worked on me knew what she was doing and Dr. Young answered my questions thoroughly."

Review Verified on 7/3/2019
"I had an okay experience. The service was great and so were the people. It did hurt a lot though. I did not add who asked me to do this forum because I forget everyone's names."

Review Verified on 6/24/2019
"They always know what to do and make me feel confident in their ability"

Review Verified on 6/20/2019
"I love going to the orthodontist! It is what made me want to be a dentist myself. The doctors and staff are so friendly, listen and respond to concerns and complaints and offer a great dental experience. Thank you Dr. Lee for improving my smile as well as the alignment!"

Review Verified on 6/15/2019
"Lee and Young Orthodontics made my teeth look perfect. Their service was quick and thorough Amd they were very committed to every customer and made sure that I knew what was really going on with my teet, thoroughly explaining everything. I am very thankful of them because my teeth looked awful before I had braces and now they look better than I ever imagined. Thank you!!"

Review Verified on 6/14/2019
"I love going to Dr. Lee and Young Orthodontics! The staff members are always friendly and smiling and always make me feel welcomed. The dental chairs are comfortable too!"

Review Verified on 6/9/2019
"Everyone was really helpful to me throughout this entire process and my teeth really look so much better than they did before. I really thank everyone who made this possible."

Review Verified on 6/6/2019
"Both offices were just fantastic, thank you so much."

Review Verified on 6/4/2019
"Working with Dr Young and Dr Ubaldo and all the staff has been a pleasure. They are informative and kind and really make you feel like you are collaborating with them to improve your teeth. I am so happy with the results."

Review Verified on 5/2/2019
"Excellent service!"

Review Verified on 4/20/2019
"I had the best customer service experience during my 20+ months of braces with Dr. Glen Young, Dr. Ubaldo and their staff. I am eternally grateful to them for my corrected bite and straight teeth! I HIGHLY recommend them for anyone orthodontic needs. Warmest regards, Rita"

Review Verified on 4/15/2019
"Awesome and friendly"

Review Verified on 4/13/2019
"Quick/easy in and out braces repair."

Review Verified on 4/9/2019
"Very good service.everyone was so so nice to me. Helped me every time when I need. The outcome was great."

Review Verified on 3/28/2019
"Dr. Young and Dr. Ubaldo treats me with respect and only wants the best for me and I really appreciate them for it. It has been a long time and although I will not be missing my braces, I will be missing the people who helped me get them off. So I would just like to thank everyone who has helped me and I promise, promise, to wear my retainers."

Review Verified on 3/19/2019
"Staff are really friendly and patient. I'm very grateful that Dr Young did not rush to take off my braces when the timeline of having my braces took longer than anticipated. The giveaways were fun to enter (even though I didn't win). It would be helpful in the email notifications for upcoming appointments to include which office location the appointment is located (I went to both Clement and California locations depending on time and schedule)."

Review Verified on 3/12/2019
"Very prompt responses, flexible with schedulaling, kind and responsive staff Dr. Young and Ubaldo at Clement Location"

Review Verified on 3/5/2019
"I've been so happy with the results of my Invisaligns and also the wonderful customer service during the two years I've been seeing Dr. Young at the Clement Street office."

Review Verified on 3/4/2019
"Excellent start to finish. Considering what you had to work with I’d say you achieved an incredible result. My dentist now gets to work on the final stage of my accident recovery after 2-1/2 years. I know my “smile pic” won’t be on your top 10 list but maybe better after my front teeth are capped. My sincere thanks to your cheerful funny music-loving staff!"

Review Verified on 3/1/2019
"Dr. Glen Young is very professional with patience. We thank you so much for his help !!!"

Review Verified on 2/28/2019
"Very knowledgeable, professional and nice doctors. Very clean and cozy environment. Very advanced equipment."

Review Verified on 2/26/2019
"Thank you to Dr Young & fabulous staff for seeing Marley yesterday! He loves his teeth/spaces between them/ retainer/& ORTHODONTIST!! :-D"

Review Verified on 2/26/2019
"At the clement street location, Dr. Ubaldo and Dr. Young explained things to me well, and we also kind and helpful. The service of my braces each appointment was very well done and through, and in an efficient manner."

Review Verified on 2/25/2019
"I think that it was really easy and all the appointments went smoothly so there were no real problems. The only thing was that I had my braces much longer than expected, but that was partially my fault so it was really fine. There wasn't pain often so that was really nice and overall it went really well."

Review Verified on 2/22/2019
"I was not expecting much coming into it . But the assistants have really helped explaining the process and I really appreciate that. The doctors have also been very straightforward which I also appreciate. Overall great experience !"

Review Verified on 2/22/2019
"My whole family has had braces at one time or another and has had nothing but a positive experience and outcome! The staff is kind, courteous, and professional! Our family is very grateful and will continue referring our friends and family for years to come!"

Review Verified on 2/15/2019
"Extremely happy with my teeth. Great staff. Thanks for giving me an awesome smile! I went to the Clement Street one and had Dr young, Dr Ubaldo, Denise, Irene, and others help me out. Highly recommend"

Review Verified on 2/14/2019
"Extremely happy with my teeth. Great staff. Thanks for giving me an awesome smile!"

Review Verified on 2/14/2019
"I mostly visited Dr. Young and Dr. Ubaldo here at the Clement office and overall my experience here was amazing! Everyone here is so nice and made the journey to getting my braces off so much easier than I first anticipated it to be. Thank you so much!"

Review Verified on 2/12/2019
"The team at Lee, Young & Ubaldo Orthodontics always rocks. I actually look forward going to my orthodntic appointments."

Review Verified on 2/8/2019
Facebook Verified
"I have only ever had positive experiences at Lee, Young & Ubaldo Orthodontics.The staff is very friendly, helpful, and attentive. I highly recommend this practice for anyone looking for an orthodontist!"

Review Verified on 2/4/2019
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